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Natascha Rieter was born in Roermond in1948. Since 1988 she and her husband Siegfried Gorinskat (also a ceramist) live in the hamlet Groot Welsden in a typical half-timbered farmhouse where they established their studios. In artistic circles both artists are widely known for their ceramic works of art. In 1989 they opened their Ceramics Gallery "Groot Welsden" and with success.

Natascha Rieter is an emotional as well as a poetical artist who believes ceramics are the mirrors of the soul. Natascha took a course in monumental modelling in Maastricht with painting as the main subject. After having finished this course she worked in a ceramics studio in Switzerland for two years. From 1973 - 1975 she studied ceramics in Höhr- Grenzhausen in Germany after which she came to Nijswiller (South Limburg) where she settled down as a ceramist (1976 - 1988).

Her works of art were exhibited in many galleries amongst others in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Japan.

The themes that play a part in her work are nature and human beings: LIFE itself. She transforms her feelings into ceramics:"For me, working with clay is the same as writing a poem."

Natascha Rieter makes ceramic objects for use, reliefs, small models, modelled sculptures and clay-paintings. She uses stoneware clay from Germany and porcelain from France. When making her clay-paintings she combines ceramics with painting techniques and wooden panel.

Since two years Natascha no longer gets round to making free-style work as she is completely taken up by monumental orders in applied art, such as wall reliefs for halls of buildings e.g. she designed a big relief in Residency "De Heerlijkheid" in Deventer. She has made monumental sculpture groups for the garden of the "Lückerheide" clinic in Kerkrade, a sculpture group for the "Hambos" clinic in Kerkrade, two memorial stones in the cemetery of Roermond, a large sculpture group portraying "ten years first-class gastronomy" for restaurant "De Leuf" in Ubachsberg etc. She also gets plenty of orders from individuals and/or companies.

Additional jobs:
Ceramics teacher at "Kumulus", art centre, in Maastricht since 1977.
Gallerist of Ceramics Gallery "Groot Welsden" since 1989.

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